Week 52. The first look at Games Hub and its features
Since the last update in the devlog, our team has been focused on developing the architecture and a holistic picture of the functionality of the entire ecosystem including its component – Games Hub.
What’s Games Hub?
Games Hub is a web-based browser and launcher for games published in the ecosystem. It’s focused on mobile games and compatible with web3 and blockchain technologies. Today we want to show how Games Hub will look on mobile. The app is targeted primarily at mobile platforms and mobile gamers. Also it will also be available in a full-screen format for desktop browsers.
All-in-one place for gamers
Besides discovering and playing various great mobile titles through Games Hub, users get access to lots of activities that each game offers:

  • Get all the information about each game and its developer;
  • Invite and play with friends;
  • Meet with new people who also play the same game;
  • Explore, progress and complete game achievements;
  • Take part in in-game events;
  • Trade in-game assets;
  • Receive rewards for activities.
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    All games and Selected game page look on mobile.
    On top of that, Games Hub is not just for gaming. It is also the all-in-one place for gamers and play-to-earn investors to explore and experience the gaming world, build their personalities and develop in the community.

    The start of the Gamer’s Profile page on mobile.