Week 28. Basics, differences from competitors and roadmap updates
Gamespack is a GameFi platform that unites blockchain gamers and NFT game developers. The platform is focused exclusively on the gaming and offers tools for:

  • play-to-earn game players to browse and play games, collect and trade NFT assets, improve player’s personality, interact with the community;
  • game developers to integrate their games with the platform to receive access to the community, and get profit from the games and features of the platform.
  • Difference from competitors
    1. Content. Mobile games built on NEAR first and other blockchains in the future.
    2. Global vision. The Multiverse of Gaming means the simulation of gamers’ lifecycle and all activities in games and outside games. Accessible through the Games Hub – web application, launcher, and browser for in-game and out-game activities.
    3. Economy. Tools to experience all in-game and outside activities, earn, spend and hold Gamespack native tokens.
    4. Gamespack NFTs. Cross-game power-ups.
    How it works
    1. Games Hub – a web application, launcher, and marketplace for games and NFTs.
    2. Cool Point ($CP) is a native Gamespack cross-game utility token that’s the key component of the ecosystem’s internal economy for gaming and non-gaming activities.
    3. Gamespack NFTs – Gamespack cross-game powerups that are used in games published in Games Hub.
    4. SDK – tools for game developers to sync their games with Gamespack platform and get published in Games Hub.
    Gamespack roadmap for MVP Phase 2022:
  • April 2022
    Lords of Looteria – P2E game announcement. Social media accounts setup.
  • May 2022
    Lords of Looteria – Game landing website release.
    There the general information about the game is published, details about the gameplay, content, NFT assets, tokenomics, and the roadmap of the game.
  • June 2022
    Games Hub – web app first look announcement.
    Announcement to be done in social accounts (Twitter, Discord). In the announcement screenshots of the app will be published.
  • July 2022
    $CP token private sale.
  • August 2022
    Lords of Looteria game MVP closed testing release.
    Closed testing will be announced in the Discord for the community.
  • August 2022
    Games Hub MVP release.
    Games Hub web app MVP release with $CP token available for early users. Early users will receive $CP tokens for the onboarding completion.
  • August 2022
    Lords of Looteria NFT mint announcement.
    Game NFT assets mint announcement in the Games Hub web app. Special conditions for early followers are offered.
  • September 2022
    Games Hub new functionality release.
    Marketplace, My NFT sections available in the Games Hub web app.
  • October 2022
    Lords of Looteria NFT minting.
    Game NFT assets are minted on the Games Hub Marketplace.