Week 25. Gamespack received a grant from Human Guild
Today is the first key milestone in the development of Gamespack. We are excited to announce that the project has received a grant from the Human Guild, a gaming community in the NEAR Blockchain ecosystem. For us, this is, first of all, a powerful boost at the start, which will help the project to grow faster. In addition, this is a sign for our team that we are moving in the right direction.
Gamepack is a gaming platform in the NEAR ecosystem that brings together gamers and game developers. For players, this is a play-to-earn games browser and launcher, a marketplace for gaming NFTs and a gamified environment for users. For developers, this is a set of tools and services for publishing their games on the Gamespack platform and connecting with the gaming community.
In 2022, the foundation of the platform will be built. Tools, services, internal economy and content will be created to immerse users in the multiverse of gaming. Gamespack components will be launched in early access. This includes the Games Hub web app, Gamespack NFT assets, the SDK MVP and several game demos.
Also in 2022, we plan to launch the $CP (Cool Points) token. $CP is the platform’s native cross-game token, which is a key economic tool within the Gamespack platform. The token is a platform utility tool for both players and developers.
Next year, the platform will be completely ready for a global launch, scaling and popularization in the gaming community. Globally, the project development pipeline is already planned until 2024 and will be announced gradually.