Week 24. Standing with Ukraine. A month after the war began
The last four weeks have been the most difficult in the life of every person in our team and in the life of most people in our country. We are Ukrainians. Our people and our country have experienced enormous trials since the moment we were attacked by a neighboring country.
At first, we were scared, then we ran or hid, left our homes, or stayed in bomb shelters. Those who could not leave found themselves in a situation of constant psychological pressure due to fear for their lives and the lives of their loved ones. However, over time we began to adapt to the situation. Fear dulled, we got used to it.
Today, after a month of the invasion started, we continue to adapt to the new reality. However, those who adapt quickly try to return to their daily responsibilities as soon as possible or start helping others. After all, the only way for our country to cope with all the difficulties is to continue to move forward no matter what. Everyone should continue to pursue their targets. Everyone must contribute to the common cause, whether it be defending the country with weapons, helping others, running a business to support the economy, or performing their professional tasks to provide themselves and their families with a living.
As a game development team, we consider it our first priority to continue doing what we did before and what we can do best. After all, in this way we help our country and economy to function. We are gradually returning to work on the Gamespack project, we plan to expand the team, and focus our resources on the implementation of previously set plans. Despite all the barriers and difficulties, we will achieve our goals, set and achieve even greater results. We will definitely win!
We are Ukrainians. We stand with Ukraine.