Gamespack blog launch
Week 15. Gamespack blog launch
It’s been 15 weeks after we made the very post about the Gamespack. These weeks we were carefully building the vision and the long journey plan for the ecosystem and its products. We discovered a lot, tuned our focus in terms of the platform value for the community, built the visual prototype of our flagman product – Games Hub, the app for blockchain gamers to browse and play NFT games, that also contains the marketplace to publish and trade gaming NFT assets.
Finally this week we launched the blog on the Gamespack website. It’s created to build the knowledge base for the community about blockchain games and especially games developed on Near blockchain. The crypto community is growing fast, however millions (probably hundreds of millions) of gamers are still out of this market and we want to decrease this barrier by building a smooth way of onboarding in blockchain gaming.
Here in the blog, we are also going to publish devlog about our progress, how we build the Gamespack, its products, our achievements, announcements, and releases.
Another section in the blog – DevStories is created to publish development stories from other developers and teams who build their game titles on Near protocol. We are welcome all who want to share their stories with the community and grab some feedback.