Lords of Looteria. Play-to-Earn PvP Battler
Short description
Multiplayer mobile game built on NEAR blockchain with NFT heroes, powers and much more.
Genre: Play-to-Earn PvP Battler.
Platforms: iOS, Android.
Multiplayer type: Real-time Multiplayer.
Blockchain: NEAR Protocol.
Game token: TBA.
There were 5 races in the world of Looteria: warriors, dwarfs, pirates, immortals, and [secret race]. They fought against each other for centuries, some won, others lost, then vice versa, and so on all the time. This happened for ages.
When the great ancient rune was found. It was a huge discovery for the whole world, as it contained the secrets and powers of the ancient civilization. The rune was broken into hundreds of thousands of pieces and was impossible to read. So all the bravest inhabitants of the world decided to go in searches and battles for fragments of an ancient rune in order to collect it together, give the wealth of the rune to all residents and bring peace to Looteria.

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You are one of those bravest inhabitants who’s aiming to become a great warrior and unite all races under banners. Your goal is to free the lands from the warring tribes, restore the balance between the races and bring peace to all inhabitants.
Become a great warrior and unite all races under your banners to free lands and bring peace to the world of Looteria.
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