Week 16. Gamespack NFTs minting - postponed
According to our development roadmap, the first Gamespack NFT assets should be released by in January 2022. Gamepack NFTs are unique powerups that players can use in Games Hub games to play better. We planned to make the first release on a public marketplace – Paras, a well-known marketplace for NFT assets on NEAR.
However, at the last moment, it was decided to postpone the launch of the Gamespack NFTs on Paras.
Why was the release postponed?
Paras is a really great place to sell and promote your NFT assets, however it’s not quite a right choice for us.
Gamepack NFTs are not just exclusive NFTs that give access to premium content and they are not created just for the purpose of trading. Our NFTs are, first of all, the key elements of the entire Gamespack system, which will be used at all levels of the ecosystem: from traders and play-to-earn gamers to game developers. Therefore, they will be more closely connected with the system. That’s why they need to be distributed through the Games Hub marketplace and available for users in their Games Hub profiles.
Therefore, we decided to abandon the idea of NFT minting on a public marketplace, and focus on releasing assets inside the Game Hub marketplace.
Meanwhile we continue creating Gamespack NFTs according to our development plan and would like share a piece of art for some of the coming assets.
Further announcements regarding the release of NFT assets are coming in the nearest future and will be synced with the release of the Games Hub marketplace for the community.