Game genres in blockchain gaming
Game genres in blockchain gaming
Trends vs tastes
While Axie Infinity is boosting the market, other games in various genres hit charts of crypto gaming directories, lots of development teams aiming to build their NFT games with various blockchain technologies. In many cases, we see that the teams have a good white paper, marketing materials, some kind of visual components of the future game, but are still at the stage of choosing the game mechanics and game genre for their project.
At this stage, teams are divided into two categories: the first category of developers follows trends and chooses popular analogs as game mechanics, the second category does not know which gameplay to choose. We made a survey in the gaming community that unites creators and developers in the NEAR blockchain who build games with their protocol.
Cool note that results were obvious from one side. But they also were surprising for the other.
It is obvious that the community votes for trending genres like Axie, farming games and want to discover more titles in a similar area. These games have proven to work, at least for now, and new teams are building their projects by analogy. This makes it possible to attract an audience that already has a user experience in similar games.
Surprising was that all other offered genres found their fans. People did not vote for trends, but for their tastes. It means that all game genres have a chance to grab the audience if they are built well and provide effective tokenomics. People also want to play RPGs, MMORPGs, shooters, and other game genres.
Barrier to entry
Another great thought was mentioned by one of the founders of the Human Guild community which supports developers and creators in NEAR blockchain. He assumes that the process of adapting to blockchain games is easier for classic gamers who use to play more midcore, RPG or other non-trivial games than for classic casual or puzzle gamers. These players are used to spending more time immersing themselves in the game, paying attention to how everything works. This experience will be useful when immersing in blockchain games.
Blockchain games require some level of adaptation with the philosophy of cryptocurrency and play-to-earn gaming, wallets, marketplaces, and other earning tools, just as midcore games require more time to immerse themselves in functionality, gameplay, and how to play well.
Perhaps we will see a greater increase in the audience from the gaming world who are used to playing such genres than casual games.
Games on NEAR by genre
Awesomenear web portal lists many Near-based projects that were already launched or just announced. All game projects are listed in the Gaming section on the website.
After sorting games by genre, we get such a separation:
PvP: CryptoEmpire, Pixel Pets, Battlemon
MMO: Near Lands, Galaxy Online, Rawbots
RTS: Hash Rush
Battle Royale: Metamon
Hyper Casual: OPGames
Gambling: ZED, Pool Party
Time management (building): Shroom Kingdom
Skill Games: Chain Typing, Inite

Definitely, not all Near games are listed on the platform. Most of the projects that are in the early stages of development and haven’t been announced yet. However, the current breakdown shows that most popular genres still have very few or no titles.
All in all
Today, the blockchain games industry is only at the stage of development. A large number of projects are trying to repeat the success of hits that are already thundering across the entire community. Some teams create their own indie projects, completely detaching themselves from trends, and trying to create something really interesting in terms of gameplay. Big game companies are just entering the market.
Blockchain protocols and their platform developers, which create tools for end-users, play a huge role in the development of crypto gaming also. They solve problems of lowering the barrier for people to enter projects based on their protocols. They build a convenient user experience, simplifying the interface that is used to operate with money and other transactions.
I am sure that in the near future the community will have a huge choice of what to play and in what games to earn. Just as it already exists in the world of classic mobile, web, or desktop games today, everyone can choose a genre to their liking and spend time in games with benefit.